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USA & Canada

America's exhibition industry has got the luxury bug, with regular seats being ripped out and replaced with extra wide leather recliners and patrons being tempted with gourmet foodstuffs. As well as seats, screens are getting bigger with more IMAX and other large format screens and technological novelties like motion seats and more powerful and realistic sound systems. The higher prices these amenities attract is moving box office ahead despite flat to declining attendance. Exhibitors are also increasing profits by applying digital technology to areas like ticketing, theatre scheduling and screen advertising.

Uncertainties remain. A key question facing the industry is that of younger cinema-goers: teenagers and early twenty-somethings are attending less than their predecessors, will this cohort carry through their lukewarm attendance into later adulthood? Within the industry, Cineworld's acquisition of Regal brings a second foreign owner to the industry, but one seemingly less deep-pocketed than Dalian Wanda. How will the company fare in what is looking like quite a tight environment?

As well as looking at broad business trends in the industry, the report dissects the financial performance of the publicly quoted exhibitors which dominate exhibition: Regal, AMC, Cinemark and, in Canada, Cineplex. Together accounting for more than half of North American box office, analysis of these companies' results gives a unique insight into the world's largest film exhibition industry.

Separate sections of the report look at the United States and the distinct market of neighbouring Canada; detailed statistics covering screens, admissions, box office revenues, ticket prices, concession sales and advertising revenues are included, along with forecasts up to 2022.

Click here for a full contents listing of this report. Published April 2018, £995.

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As well as published work we undertake specific projects and build custom databases for clients. We act in an advisory capacity in relation to matters such as financings, strategy and public policy. We offer support in representations to competition authorities, and in litigation. We help both developers and city planning authorities understand the cinema market in relation to new developments. We execute projects focused on technological and cultural issues. We work with suppliers of equipment and services to forecast demand.

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