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South Korea

In 2014 South Korea became, on a per capita basis, the highest-attending film territory in the world, overtaking tiny Iceland. Like its economy, the story of its film industry is a miracle. In 1998 there were 500 single screen cinemas and the industry sold 50 million tickets, just a quarter of them to domestically-produced films. By 2015, nearly 2,300 multiplex screens had opened, leaving only 70 traditional cinemas. More than half the 217 million tickets sold were to Korean movies. This report tracks the industry's journey, highlighting the government policies which made it possible and sticky periods, before turning to the considerable international ambitions of South Korean exhibitors.

With comprehensive data covering issues like top films, national market shares, market shares in film distribution and exhibitor screen counts, this report gives the lowdown on an intriguing and still growing industry which is playing a key role in the continuing evolution of the film business in Asia. Forecasts included in the report run up to 2020.

Click here for a full contents listing of this report. Published July 2016, £695.

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